Who made cycling a political activity?

One would assume that cycling is not inherently a political activity but it has been turned into one, especially in Toronto. It’s now common among Torontonians to see cycling as a Lefty political movement, an activity reserved for tree-huggers, NDPers, Glenn DeBaermaker and Adam Vaughan. I shuddered every time I saw Olivia Chow and the late Jack Layton riding their tandem in the Canada Day parade. Is that how others see ME!!!


The city’s left wing has usurped cycling and have turned it into a way to show your left-wing bona fides. Frankly, many conservatives resent it.  But what are we doing about it?

In a 2009 article for the Utne Reader, Jake Mohan asked the question: Do bikes and politics in the American context really have to mix? He proceeded to make the case that it should be shared by all political stripes and dared to suggest that Democrats should in some way share the activity with conservatives, after all it means “more bikes on the road—something all of us on two wheels, regardless of our political idiosyncrasies, can agree is a good thing”.

Now hold on a minute. SInce when is cycling inherently more virtuous than other ways to get around? Just look at this sub-headline in the popular lefty “Commute By Bike” blog:

“Don’t assume they” [i.e. conservatives] are “all hostile to our cause”.

Our cause? Who made it your cause? And why is it a “cause” anyway?

It’s time for conservatives to take cycling back. Let the revolution begin!


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