Ontario votes

Here’s my prediction for tonight’s vote:

PCs will win a strong minority or a weak majority (50 to 57 seats).

I just can’t fathom the Liberals gaining any new seats. They will experience only loses. Potential Liberal losers include: Dickson, Dhillon, Cansfield, Qaadri, Crack, Gerretsen, Milloy, Chan, Mangat, Takhar, Jaczek, Flynn, Fraser, Chiarelli, MacCharles, Leal, Moridi, Wong, and Del Duca. Personally I would like to see Matthews and Pirruza gone as well. And Murray may be vulnerable from the NDP.

NDP will make modest gains.

Ideally we see the Liberals relegated to third-party status.

The first thing a Tory government should do is introduce legislation to restrict spending by third-parties.


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