New York City Couriers

If I was 20 years old again, I suspect I would be riding like these guys and gals. This video from YouTube shows life as a New York City courier – a little extreme for most but I would have loved to have tried this, just once, 30 years ago. Try not to be sick to your stomach!

If you are interested in the courier life, there are some good documentaries on YouTube. Here’s a link to one titled pedal by fractured media.

It’s not an easy life, especially in NYC. I knew a few Toronto couriers when I was much younger and they had a similarly hard job. I admired their fortitude — they rode in all kinds of weather and despite injury and fatigue. Meanwhile, I had a cushy job in the bookstore warehouse.

Most of these guys and gals would not consider themselves conservative in any way so why am I posting these videos, you may ask?  I guess they reflect my inner libertarian.

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