Why it Pays to Retweet – Thanks Pista Collective

I’m fairly new to the Twitterverse so I was pleasantly surprised when I retweeted a Tweet (can you retweet anything other than a Tweet?) from Pista Collective (http://www.pistacollective.com/). Their Tweet said the first person to retweet will get a free t-shirt. I was the first one and they sent me three t-shirts!!! I think they sent me three because I mentioned in a subsequent email that I have two teenage sons who also ride fixed-gear bikes!  Thanks Pista Collective. Classy guys and gals. Check out their site.

Here are the tees.

IMG_5092 copy

A tribute to Marc Demeyer, a Belgian cyclist who won the Paris-Roubaix race (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris%E2%80%93Roubaix) in 1976 and who died of a heart attack in 1982 at the age of 31.

IMG_2411 copy

A tribute to the great Eddy Merckx. “Eddy Rode Steel – so do I. That’s where the comparison ends.

IMG_0982 copy

MOVE over!

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