Articles & Posts to read today

You should check out these articles from the past few days:

Can the G.O.P. Be a Party of Ideas? ( As Charles Murray tweeted, a “good account from a hostile witness.”

You’re doing it wrong (, a post from The Hipster Conservative about politicians using internet memes unironically!

What is Ethical Conservatism? ( As if there were any other kind of conservatism.


The New Sins of the ‘Nonjugdmental’ Millennials ( Yikes! Explains how millennials have replaced the old religion with a new one.

And an article from Aeon on the concept of Hell (

Two great but chilling posts from Rod Dreher: the first about “Rooting out Brendan Eichs at JP Morgan Chase” (, and the other about “Those Filth Catholic Nuns” who oppose the contraception mandate in the Obamacare law (

Scott Stinson at the National Post on Premier Wynne’s “activist centre” dreck (

And here’s the Globe and Mail’s Denise Balkissoon on our reaching “Peak Ink” (

Balkissoon concludes:

I’m going to declare that we’ve reached peak ink, and that tattoos are travelling on the downward slope of the 30-year fashion cycle. The mere act of letting a sharp needle pierce and mark your delicate skin is no longer enough to prove your edgy individuality, and formerly badass body art is acquiring a nostalgic, sepia tinge. As the old adage goes, you can buy fashion, but you can’t buy style. When your grandchildren trawl through your old Instagrams, I hope your body ink looks timeless, not dated.

Jeez, I hope not because the conservative cyclist just got this on the weekend:


That’s right – that’s Jesus on a Bike!! And it’s based on a design by Brent at Twin Six:



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