Bad cyclist, very bad cyclist

Here’s what happens when a young 20ish cyclist decides to ride on the crowded sidewalk on Danforth Avenue near Pape at rush-hour on a Monday then decide to steer onto the street straight into oncoming traffic – to avoid the crowd I guess – and straight into – you guessed it – the conservative cyclist who was moving fast with the traffic and needed to be alert to avoid a head-on collision! image That was from her pedal raking my shin. Unfortunately she fared much worse and was not wearing a helmet. I actually used the F-word and called her an idiot, after I made sure she was okay and helped her off the road, of course. Idiot!  Not very Christian of me I admit! She needs a lesson in the rules. She’s lucky she didn’t run into the electric bike that was just behind me. That would have been worse. Don’t worry – the Wabi Lightning is fine.


    1. Cycling on sidewalks is for little kids. I think it’s fine to do when for a short period when there are no pedestrians but during rush hour with the sidewalks crowded with people? Just plain dumb and inconsiderate.

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