So what do they expect Israel to do? Die?

The Globe and Mail printed yesterday an open letter from the so-called Canadians for Justice and Human Rights in Gaza. (

They are “profoundly perturbed” it seems that the Canadian government is taking “an unbalanced and partisan position” on the violence in Gaza so they offer their own “unbalanced and partisan position”.

Hamas – the terrorist organization that kills civilians, uses women and children as human shields, stores rockets in hospitals and schools and is banned in Canada – is mentioned only twice in the entire letter. They acknowledge:

“While Hamas’ indiscriminate rocket firings are illegal under international law, Israel is still bound by basic international humanitarian law principles protecting civilians during times of war and prohibiting collective punishment. Indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks on civilian life and infrastructure in Gaza violate fundamental norms of international law.”

So Israel is bound by these laws and tries to live up to them but Hamas is not bound by these laws and does not live up to any standard of human rights and justice. And who do these pointy-headed goofs condemn? Israel.

What do they want Israel to do about these rocket attacks? Nothing?

Need I remind my readers that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and indiscriminately kills Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. Those rockets that Hamas sends into Israel are targeted at civilians.

I guess Jews just are not dying enough for these folks.

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  1. Steve, having lived in that part of the world, the view to issues is totally different than the one we see in North America. You need to look at the human suffering before justifying one side over the other. They are both guilty! We can discuss further over beer next week.

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