Gays and Guns – Check your Prejudice

Well looky here.

Marin Cogan at The Atlantic has a great piece this week about how the LGBT community in the US is embracing the Second Amendment which, for my Canadian readers, is the right to bear arms, a right consistently upheld by the US Supreme Court.

Four years ago, Chris Cheng—a Chinese-Japanese-Cuban-American Google employee—started watching Top Shot, a History Channel reality show where contestants shoot their way through a series of complex competitions. Cheng, who as a kid had sometimes gone shooting with his Navy veteran father, started getting into the show.

One day, while watching season two with some of his Google coworkers, Cheng told them: “Hey, everyone, this is gonna sound crazy, but I think I’m going to apply for Top Shot.” He remembers his colleagues thinking he was nuts. “They looked at me like, ‘You barely shoot, you don’t have any accolades or trophies or awards or anything in the shooting world. What makes you think you’d even stand a chance with some of these lifelong, seasoned professional marksmen?’ “

But Cheng had a sense of what he could do. He’d been going to the range and hitting his marks; the best way to put his skills to the test, he figured, was to sign up and try out. He got in. Then he beat out veterans, police officers, and an Olympic shooter en route to winning that season’s competition. The first thing he did after his victory was take some of the $100,000 prize money and upgrade his National Rifle Association membership to lifetime status.

Then, last year, Cheng took to his blog to announce he was gay. This wasn’t a surprise to his friends and family: Cheng and his boyfriend had been together for four and a half years. But he wanted people to see that gun owners were a diverse set of people—and who better than a gay, racially diverse, tech-geek-turned-champion-marksman to deliver the message?

Who better indeed? Read the whole thing.

I never understood Canadian’s fear of gun ownership. If you don’t want to own one, then don’t buy one, but why do you care if I own one? This fear is especially prominent among lefties, NDPers and Liberals. Why is that? A teenager can have an abortion on demand; smoking pot and drug use is fine; gay “marriage” and polygamy, they’re cool – but someone, somewhere wants to own a gun – no way. What’s the beef? I’m interested in your point of view.

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