My Winter Ride – Maybe

So I’m busy lately looking for a bike to ride in the winter. I know from past experience how winter conditions can damage a bike, especially one made with a steel frame. This past winter was a harsh one and it took a toll on my 2009 Trek 3rd District and it is made with aluminum tubing.  I needed an upgrade and that’s why I purchased the Wabi Lightning in May.

But now I realize I don’t want to ride the Wabi in the salt and slush so I’m thinking about purchasing a new aluminum bike that I’ll use through the winter months. Maybe something like this beauty!

full65809It’s an aluminum 2015 Specialized Langster? What do you think? I figure this will get me through several Toronto winters.

Good thing my wife doesn’t read my blog.

By the way, the Trek 3rd District is awesome and it held up well through many good rides and a few accidents. It is fast, light and nimble. My teenage sons have assumed ownership of that fine machine and I suspect they will get a few more years out of it.


    1. I’ve seen the Simcoe and it’s fine as far as it goes but it’s not my style. A couple of things to consider: it’s made with hi-tensile steel, chromoly forks, and internal hubs so it’s still heavy (my guess is 22+ pounds); the upright position is fine for a meander through the park but you never get the full efficiency from your legs with the upright style so you’re going to be slow; and the handlebars will be wide so you won’t be as nimble as you think (try squeezing between a truck and a bus with wide handlebars.

      Also, why would I want to wear a suit while riding on my bike? I’ll be sweaty when I get to work in the summer and my my fine English suits will be covered in salt stains in the winter. I recommend gentlemen acquire a Henty Wingman

      1. Buy a Simcoe, wear your suit, sit upright and ride slower to work, enjoy the leisure ride. I know you are mentally in a race with any other cyclist along your path. I bet you love to smoke those younger non single speed bikes.

      2. You’d like that because you’re older than I am. But I prefer a challenge. There is no challenge in smoking a Dutch-style bike. I actually take a lot of satisfaction in the smoking the young single-speed riders and the professional couriers. But my greatest pleasure comes when I smoke the guys on very expensive racing bikes who wear their full Tour de France kit. That’s priceless.

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