The sound of crickets

I have written here in previous posts that the liberal, lefty worldview has turned against religious liberty, a central concept of Western thought since the Enlightenment.

Religious freedom is no longer worthy of the protections it was once afforded.  Here in the West (US, Europe, Canada, Australia), the role of religion – Christianity specifically – has been relegated to a second tier human right, behind sexual identity for the most part.  Lefty atheists are driving Christianity from the public square.

Meanwhile, in places like Iraq and Syria, Christians are literally being killed in what can only be called a genocide. If this was happening to Muslims in the Middle East or Buddhists in Tibet or animists in Brazil, the Western Left would be chanting in the streets, outraged that Western governments would allow a genocide on their watch. Instead? Crickets.

Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

Lefty protesters take to the streets of New York to object to the genocide of Christians in the Middle East

I think they are quite content to see Christians and Christianity die.

Well good luck. Just remember ISIS and al Qaeda and the Taliban and Communist China hate you even more.


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