That’s a lot of if’s! OR Much ado over protected bike lanes.

Here’s another great post from Cherokeeschill.

Cherokee Schill

I can see the appeal of “Protected Bike Lanes” for family’s, young riders, and scared adults.

The problem I have with these:

1. Laws that legally mandate me to use it. Which is a violation of my Civil Rights.

2. Non-Integrated engineering to create lanes that work with existing laws regarding movement of traffic on the roads. i.e. stop lights for the bicycle lane to prevent cyclists from moving forward when it is legal for right turning traffic to turn.

3. Lack of anything even remotely close to a real barrier for protection.

If they would fix the mess these “Things” create, I would support these types of lanes for the sake of encouraging ridership.

If schools would integrate bicycle education into the curriculum for students.

If there were bicycle driving education centers.

Then these could work.

Otherwise it is just window dressing and more people are going to get killed.

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