Two Prime Ministers Go To War

David Akin compares the actions of two Prime Ministers: one Liberal; one Conservative. The Conservative is often called a fascist and anti-democratic and is accused of circumventing Parliament.  But it was the Liberal who committed Canada to a combat role in Afghanistan without bringing the matter to Parliament for a vote beforehand.

A Canadian prime minister determines that the activities of terrorists operating in a Muslim nation far from Canada’s shores is such a threat to Canada’s security, that he dispatches Canadian Forces on a combat mission. There is no debate or discussion in Parliament let alone a vote. There seems not to have even been a full cabinet discussion before the prime minister makes his decision. Simply a request from an American president.

That was all it took for Jean Chrétien to to begin what would become Canada’s decade-long war against terrorism in Afghanistan.

You point this out to Liberals and they just shrug. I had a conversation once with an educated and fairly bright high-school principal, staunch Liberal, who actually called Stephen Harper a brownshirt and a fascist. We were in the grocery store at the time so I just shook my head and laughed. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to debate her on the issue or to enlighten her on the socialist origins of fascism. Besides how do you take seriously someone who says something that stupid?

I would have loved to have this story at hand during the conversation. But I’m certain she would have just shrugged.

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