A Short Encounter With An Olivia Chow Supporter

So I had an Olivia Chow volunteer stop by my house yesterday to try to guilt me into voting for Chow for mayor. I indicated that I would not be supporting Chow in this election or any election. The volunteer asked me if I believe in equality. She said Olivia stands for equality. So I asked her what that meant and she proceeded to show me a crude income curve (i.e. lots of people make a certain income, less people make a bit more, and a tiny fraction make a whole lot more). I paraphrase the rest of the conversation:

Me: So what. It doesn’t bother me that some people make more money than I do. Does that bother you?

V: Yes.

Me; What does Chow plan to do about it if she becomes mayor.

Volunteer: She will raise taxes.

Me: What taxes? She has no control over income taxes.

Volunteer: General taxes.

Me: How will that address inequality?

Volunteer: Lower income people will get more money.

Me: How much more? And how will that ensure “equality” which would imply every one is equal. Does she want to make everyone’s income the same?

Volunteer: Not the same but….

Me: So she’s for inequality.

V: No. I meant, fairness. She’s for fairness.

Me. So she’s against inequality and for fairness.

V: Yes.

Me: So what is fair? What would fair look like to Olivia Chow?

V: More poor people getting more money from rich people.

Me: How much more and who decides what is fair? Olivia?

V: Well that’s up to…

Me: Where does Olivia fit on your income curve? Where do you fit?

V: Olivia is here [points to a spot on the curve] and I am here [reluctantly points to a spot farther to the left on the curve, implying she makes a lot less than Olivia Chow].

Me: That doesn’t seem “fair” or “equal”. So you’re okay with Olivia making more money than you?

V: You’re frustrating. And at first you seemed like a nice man. I’m leaving now. I have others houses to get to.

Me: Bye. Come back next week and I’ll make you some tea.

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