Jonathan Kay: Naomi Klein’s Garden-of-Eden enviro-utopianism is Book of Genesis meets Das Kapital

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Why is ISIS butchering all those people in Syria and Iraq? Read their online manifesto and you get the answer: They want to recreate “the best ummah [community of Muslims] — the ummah of Muhammad (peace be upon him) — an ummah that does not accept submission to anyone or anything other than Allah.”

To Western observers, it seems weird that anyone would want to reinstate the political structure of a Bedouin society that existed 14 centuries ago. But when you study the history of political movements, you realize that the recreation of some idealized, long lost utopia is a ubiquitous theme. In the West, reform movements — even the moderate, secular ones — often have a Christian, garden-of-Eden quality to them: Humankind is imagined to exist in a fallen state, but we are offered salvation by returning to some bygone way of life, such as the family values of…

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