Winter Riding

I love riding in the winter especially on roads packed with snow (i.e. not plowed or salted). Here’s a picture of me arriving at work this morning.Temperature is -3C. About 20cms of snow fell the day before.


I’m wearing Swrve Winter Knickers – they are awesome! Great fit, warm and cosy. I may not need to wear long pants at all this winter!! I’m also wearing Ibex Merino cycling shorts and Ibex 220 Merino base layer zip t-neck (both are terrific – highly recommended), my Twin Six tech jacket (can’t ride in winter without this essential), SmartWool socks, and my old Shimano mountain bike shoes. My 180s ski gloves are attached to my Bern Allston helmet which is hanging from my Henty Wingman which contains my Hugo Boss suit and, more importantly, my lunch.

You can’t see it here but I’m riding an old Raleigh winter-beater, steel frame, with riser bars and dorky-looking V-rims. The gear ratio is high at 52-16 (fixed) so I’m not tackling any big hills with that sucker. I don’t ride it much but I needed to today and may need to again several times this winter, depending on the weather. I refuse to expose the Wabi Lightning to the harsh conditions in Toronto – I don’t mean the snow and cold – I mean to the copious amounts of salt the City dumps on the roads!!

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