Christie Blatchford: When push comes to shove, isn’t it curious how it’s always about the Jews?

Blatchford – again

National Post | News

It’s curious, isn’t it, how for some people, when push comes to shove, it’s always about the Jews?

Does anyone believe for a minute that when Amedy Coulibaly, in presumed solidarity with his alleged associates the Charlie Hebdo killers chose to make a grand gesture, he randomly picked a Hyper Cacher supermarket on the eastern edge of Paris?

Hyper Cacher translates to Super Kosher; hours before the Sabbath, it would have been a guaranteed big fat target, packed with those awful criminals, civilian Jews (and perhaps some Muslims too, looking for halal products) engaged in shopping.

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As one Jeffrey Goldberg (a correspondent with The Atlantic) Tweeted Friday, “Selling kosher food is a provocative and vulgar act, sure to arouse the hostility of aggrieved extremists.”

Anti-Jew and anti-Israel sentiment is the thrumming subtext to so much of this. Many more Jews than is usual have left France in recent…

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