Andrew Coyne: Provinces’ cap-and-trade deal makes climate change comedy even worse

National Post

The climate change comedy continues. The prime minister whose government failed to submit new carbon emissions reduction targets to the United Nations in time for the March 31 deadline now says it will have them in by June. The government that is nowhere near to meeting its existing targets chastises the provinces for failing to meet theirs.

[np_storybar title=”Ten things you need to know about Ontario’s cap-and-trade proposal no matter where you live” link=””]

The opposition Liberals take the Conservatives to task for doing too little to fight climate change, which, while true, is more than the Liberals ever did while they were in power. The two parties, meanwhile, have more or less converged on a policy of leaving a problem confronting the entire planet to the provinces to solve. And the premiers? Why, they’re holding a summit.

A summit, if you please: the Climate Summit, convening in…

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