Wabi Lightning: One Year Later

2015-06-26 07.54.21

Well, just over a year ago, I purchased my Wabi Lightning SE from Richard Snook of Wabi Bikes in LA. I absolutely love this bike!

It’s light and nimble and responds well to my commands. It’s stiff and resilient – it’s steel – and I easily glide over the bumps on Toronto’s streets.  I can accelerate like a rocket and out duel many a Tour de France wannabe on their carbon-fibre Cervelos. It gives me all the support I need when I have to climb those steep hills. It’s not flashy and loud – it’s rather understated. I would say it’s conservative.

Over the year, I’ve only had to change the brake pads and the rear tire. I switched out the Kenda for a more durable and flat-resistent Schwalbe Durano. I keep it clean and lubricated, and I’ve had no major accidents so it still has its fine paint job.

BEST BIKE EVER!! Thanks Richard!

2015-06-04 08.42.43


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