Pinarello VENETO– New Vintage Bike

This is a nice looking vintage ride! But $3500 seems a bit steep, even for a Pinarello. Wabi just released a new racing bike – the Lightning RE – that’s worth taking a serious look at.

Secondrate Cyclist

The students and teachers are out for spring break this time of year. I mostly spend my time riding my bike, working a little in the yard, turkey hunting, and hanging out at the Bike Pedaler in Columbus, Georgia. It was at the bike shop when I spotted this gem being assembled. It is the new old school bike from Pinarello and is a beauty to behold. There are only 500 of them made, and the shop owner said this one is the only one that has been imported into the United States, at this point.

The paint on the steel frame is gorgeous. It has a deep pearl-like luster to it. I like the down tube shifters (ignore the zip ties . . . the bike was being built when I took these pictures). The only thing that I would have liked to have seen is a true throw-back bike…

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