Climbing Hills on a Bicycle. For Beginners.

Great post on hill climbing by fit recovery!

Fit Recovery

Climbing big hills, and I mean big ones, double digit grades for miles, is no easy proposition.  It’s scary as hell for some beginners. Some may even consider a triple crankset just to get up hills without having to walk.

Relax.  It’s easier than you make it seem.  Kind of.

First, I’m no lightweight, 150 pound rail.  At 170-180 pounds, there’s definitely more weight on me to lose than I can get out of the bike, at any price.  I can, however, climb with some exceptional climbers.  There are tricks to climbing fast, and they do not include zig-zagging up a 10% grade.  That should not be necessary.

Getting up a decent hill is no different, theoretically, from cycling on flat ground other than these facts:

The grade makes it a little harder.
It’s slower.
The consequences from even a tiny mistake are huge.

Climbing a hill is all about…

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