This is a site for Toronto conservatives who cycle. I know we are a small group, a mere sliver of the city’s cycling population. But aren’t you tired of being mistaken for tree-hugging hippies and global warmists, anti-car nuts and windmill fanatics?

We cycling conservatives need a place of our own, a place to share our love of cycling and to talk about our political philosophy.

There is a misperception in Toronto that all cyclists are the same, that we all want more bicycle lanes; that we ride bikes to save the environment; that we all vote NDP and wear Pinko buttons and Che Guevara t-shirts. But that’s not true. There are many cyclists like me who love to ride and don’t want to be associated with the political Left.

In fact I think it’s time for Toronto conservatives to assert themselves into the cycling issue and to own it. The Toronto Left want to make it political – let’s do it. Let’s make it a conservative activity.

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