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It’s a Mad, Mad World

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Why Thrust Agency on Those Who Neither Have Nor Want It?

Inspired by the presentation of the Vagina Monologues, a Claremont McKenna College sophomore, Jordan Bosiljevac, a self-described queer woman of color, recently unleashed a broadside targeting California’s new “Yes Means Yes” law. In it it she opines that “Consent is a privilege, and it was built for wealthy, heterosexual, cis, white, western, able-bodied masculinity.“

My favorite line in the op-ed, however, was the following: “For me, and many others like me, consent isn’t easy. Yes doesn’t always mean yes, and we misplaced ‘no’ several years ago.“ Rarely does one see so clear an admission of such low agency. If, by her own admission, her “yes” cannot be trusted in any meaningful sense, why would she be given any of the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood, such as: the ability to sign contracts for student loans, vote, purchase cigarettes, and yes, consent meaningfully for sex?

In 2003, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein published a highly influential behavioral economics paper entitled Libertarian Paternalism. The paper defends the idea that humans are often predictably irrational. They can–and should be–“nudged” into making better decisions (the paternalistic part), by changing default options, while still preserving their freedom to make sub-optimal choices (the libertarian part). Without any serious debate, most societies have adopted a default option regarding agency; rights and responsibilities are “granted” as citizens reach certain age-based milestones. Given that people mature at wildly different rates, and in the case of Jordan Bosiljevac, may never mature at all, is this not an incredibly arbitrary process?

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Religious Liberty – Why you should care about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

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Theodore Dalrymple on the recent killings in Copenhagen

Denial and Grandiosity
Some observations after the Copenhagen killings

Twisting language is generally the easiest way to evade unpleasant truths. The Guardian, the British liberal-left newspaper, offered a good example, in the wake of the Islamist killings in Copenhagen. Under the heading SCANDINAVIANS VALUE FREE SPEECH, BUT NOW THEY NEED TO BE PRACTICAL, Andrew Brown wrote: “When the Swedish Democrats [a political party that wants to limit severely immigration into Sweden] caused an election film to be banned from national television in 2010 because it showed hordes of immigrants taking benefits from native old people . . . Danish politicians queued up to accuse the Swedish authorities of a betrayal of free speech.”

How did the Swedish Democrats cause their own election ‎film to be banned? How, indeed, could they have done so? They might have suspected that the film would be banned, but that is not the same thing as causing it to be banned. Only authorities with powers of censorship could do that—and whether they should have exercised those powers is another question. The proper way of putting the matter would have been: “When the authorities banned the Swedish Democrats’ election film.”

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Among the Educated Crazies

Check out this post and video from my favourite blogger Rod Dreher.  I’m reallly not into the whole “Men’s Rights” movement – I  find the whole thing rather lame – but this is infuriating. Why can’t they speak on campus? If you don’t like it, don’t go. And look who is being violent – the brain-washed left-wing ideologues who want to impose their will and suppress dissent. They are indeed the true heirs to their Communist/Fascist forefathers. Rest assured radical femi-Nazis, my wife and I are raising our boys to be men! But might there be a gulag in their future? Scary stuff.

The Clash of Civilizations?

As Iraq and Syria succumb to the forces of ISIS, are we witnessing what Samuel Huntington called the Clash of Civilizations. Huntington argued in the 1990s that, with the Cold War and its clash of ideologies (i.e. human rights, capitalism versus totalitarianism) coming to a close, conflicts in the future will be based on cultural and religious issues. Looks like he was right.

ISIS certainly believes they are engaged in a clash of civilizations. Perhaps we should start taking them at their word?

“pro-ISIS leaflet was being handed out in Oxford Street in London today, worrying times

The anger and hatred Muslim radical groups like Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and now ISIS spew is not directed exclusively at Jews and Israel, Americans and the US, but is directed at our entire civilization. We are seeing it in action with the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. But make no mistake Lefties, they will surely do the same to you if they catch you.

The sound of crickets

I have written here in previous posts that the liberal, lefty worldview has turned against religious liberty, a central concept of Western thought since the Enlightenment.

Religious freedom is no longer worthy of the protections it was once afforded.  Here in the West (US, Europe, Canada, Australia), the role of religion – Christianity specifically – has been relegated to a second tier human right, behind sexual identity for the most part.  Lefty atheists are driving Christianity from the public square.

Meanwhile, in places like Iraq and Syria, Christians are literally being killed in what can only be called a genocide. If this was happening to Muslims in the Middle East or Buddhists in Tibet or animists in Brazil, the Western Left would be chanting in the streets, outraged that Western governments would allow a genocide on their watch. Instead? Crickets.

Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

Lefty protesters take to the streets of New York to object to the genocide of Christians in the Middle East

I think they are quite content to see Christians and Christianity die.

Well good luck. Just remember ISIS and al Qaeda and the Taliban and Communist China hate you even more.


We need a First Amendment for Canada

Here’s a post from Rod Dreher from yesterday. I had mentioned that Rod rarely writes about Canada but this is one of those times.

American readers, take a moment to give silent thanks for the First Amendment. The Archdiocese of Vancouver is celebrating educational diversity in new and exciting ways. It had to because a pushy family and their pushy lawyer believe in celebrating diversity — and if you march to a different drummer, they’ll sue your butt until you comply:

In a joint statement today, the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA), and the family of Tracey Wilson, an 11-year-old diagnosed with gender dysphoria who had attended a Catholic school, announced the CISVA approval of a new policy that accommodates gender expression and students with gender dysphoria.

The Wilson family is applauding the CISVA for paving the way towards accommodating gender expression and gender dysphoria in youth. It will be the first Catholic school district in Canada to have such a policy.


The new policy was developed after Tracey, who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, filed a human rights complaint because her school did not accommodate her request to be treated as a girl.

The human rights complaint was resolved after the CISVA approved the Gender Dysphoria and Gender Expression policy and paid to the Wilsons a sum that both parties have agreed will remain undisclosed.

Get this — the Wilsons took the kid out of Catholic school over this, and enrolled her in public school, in which she says she’s thriving. But they still sued the Catholic school system under Canada’s absurd human rights law, and ended up not only shaking down the school for cash, but forcing this change on a private school system that she doesn’t plan on returning to. From the CBC:

“This is, as far as we know, certainly a North American first and probably a world first,” said the Wilson family’s lawyer, barbara findlay, who spells her name without capital letters.

“Not only is it important for the students in Vancouver who go to Catholic schools, but it will serve as a template for other Catholic school districts everywhere.”

“Who spells her name without capital letters.” Good grief. Gaze upon the sobriety-inducing visage of barbara findlay, and unlearn oppression — or else she’ll sue.

[H/T: A Canadian reader, whose name I will never, ever reveal, lest barbara findlay Q.C. hunt him down and tear his heart out with her teeth. — RD]

Does this seem even remotely just to you? Do I risk becoming a target just by posting this and disagreeing with the outcome? It’s scary. Perhaps the State and it’s human rights minions will overlook a small fry like me – for now!