I can’t stand pompous liberal asses, so call me intolerant

Here’s Dan Amira in New York Magazine (which of course is full of ads for luxury items and expensive New York real estate) making fun of conservatives for their dislike of the Citi Bike model. Of course he doesn’t mention the real reason for our dislike: it’s a money-losing business that requires the City of New York and other cities that had adopted the model, including Toronto, to subsidize it.

The trick of every liberal journalist (I know that’s almost redundant) is to find the most unlikable person to say the most outrageous thing about something liberals like then label that person a conservative. I guess it’s supposed to demonstrate that all conservatives think that way and that we are as dumb as posts.

Well, let’s dissect Mr. Amira’s stupid Venn Diagram (I know it’s satire but it still pisses me off).

Bloomburg: Conservatives don’t like Bloomburg because as mayor he was a nanny, plain and simple, and used government to infringe on people’s freedom and to hector those below him in the social strata. Sure, drinking a 12oz soda is not the best thing in the world but why is it the government’s business? Meanwhile, Mr. Bloomburg can fly around the world in his private jets but I can’t enjoy a 12oz soda.

Health: sure conservatives hate health and hate vegetables – what is that all about? Michelle Obama’s school lunch program, just like the silly healthy eating policy here in Ontario, doesn’t consider that  parents know what is best for their children and we don’t need the government telling us what to feed them.

Sharing: fact: conservatives give more to charity than liberals. Period. Why? Because liberals rely on the government to dole out benefits thus absolving liberals of responsibility. Bike share is fine as long as you don’t ask me to pay for it.

Environmental: protection of the environment is conservative – what I object to is that environmentalism is now a pseudo-religion, impervious to reason and rational disagreement. Global warming or climate change or climate disruption, whatever, is a case is point. There is no sense in trying to argue with a convert. Making cycling about the environment just pisses off people like me. I don’t ride for that reason. Oh, and where’s Bloomburg? Oh yeah, not riding a Citi Bike – he’s flying to France in his private jet.

Vaguely French: again, nothing wrong with the French – great food, great cycling – but the French do dumb things that piss off Americans and some Canadians like me. But France has some good conservatives too like Nicolas Sarkozy.

On a side note, I love how the liberal press characterize the recent swing in European politics. They call national socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-free trade, anti-capitalist parties like the National Front in France “far-right” which is designed of course to associate them with conservatives. But if you look carefully at the platforms of these parties (Danish People’s, Greece’s Syriza, Swedish Feminist Initiative), they are radical LEFT-WING parties with radical left-wing proposals.

Keep your Citi Bike – I have my own bike.